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CORRUPTION in Banking and Blue & White Collar Crime

A most difficult policy to grasp for the vast majority. So don't feel marginalized or patronized if you are [most likely] one of this majority. Much clarification needed for public awareness before basic structual banking reform is fully appreciated. Note that change here does not need a referendum but a plebiscite may be desirable. Protector Party access to Media interviews of sensible length and without trivialization?? Of course the GLib-GLabs have no intention of reforming banking with SUBSTANCE or depth [oh, there will be much chat about fees, sackings, resignations [on hefty pensions], financial advisers etc.] and will collude in dodging a visibly just media meeting with PP logic. Does Govt. control Banking or does Banking control Govt.? Many writers past and present believe this is a very important question.

Appreciation of the fact that private banks increase the quantity of money by manufacturing credit money, is more important to our residents than their appreciating that the earth is not flat. Indeed, it is pointless discussing world travel with a person who doesn't understand that the world is a sphere; as it is to discuss world banking with a person who doesn't truly understand that private banks have licences to create unearned money, lend it to government and citizens, and legally expect to be paid earned interest money and to be repaid this loan with earned capital money. If some debtors can't pay, the banks can legally sieze fixed assets like their homes. Most people don't know that the Federal Reserve Bank [USA Central Bank] has no reserves and is not Federal - it's a privately owned joint stock company controlling the people financially. The Australian Reserve Bank [RBA] is publicly owned but controlled by private banks.

Yes, it's so hard to believe that any government would condone this immoral but quite legal counterfeiting of your sovereign credit money. But then it is also so hard to believe that we have so many morally corrupt bankers & politicians - not all exposed. And these same politicians push for less grassroots control at the national level over banking and currency in favour of distant centralized control. But remember what Henry Ford said, "If the American people understood banking, there would be a social revolution before morning." He was right - & today's banking system is still a farce.

Simply,does it amaze you that private banks don't receive new money to increase the money supply from our Reserve Bank in the form of a loan to be paid back to the Reserve Bank [supposedly representing the Govt. of our people!], with interest - they receive it free!!

If you understand this and are curious, read on to appreciate how this corruption can be beaten. Oherwise please skip it and evaluate PP's other policies. A helpful and fun story with pictures explaining banking is at under 'The Earth plus 5%'.

Some observations: 1. Real Estate has agents who buy & sell houses and borrow & lend [rent] houses for clients on COMMISSION. Nothing wrong with that - they earn it.
2. Banking has agents who buy & sell money [foreign exchange] and borrow & lend money for clients on COMMISSION. Nothing wrong with that - they earn it.
3. Both types of agency charge fees for certain services e.g. rental management, financial advice. Nothing wrong with that - they earn it.

Let's see 2 main ways Banks get money [rather than earn it] in massive & ridiculous amounts c.f. other agents:

A. Let's start with the easier one to understand first. Real Estate agents don't control registers for the transfer of house title or charge for it to the benefit of their private purses. No, that is done by the People's LAND TITLES Office with charges going into the public purse. What is more, the public gains again economically in the sense that there is one central, State computer. Again this computer is controlled by the People for the People and is open to public scrutiny.

And the Banks? Quite different. They control registers for the transfer of money title - openly & secretly - and often charge for it to the benefit of their private purses. Also their many independent computer systems put a large cost for the Australian economy to carry.

B. The biggest money receipt for the private banks comes from Govt. licences enabling them "to create money out of thin air" or create unearned money for loans which must be paid back but not with unearned money. You, and other private citizens who are not bankers can't get such a licence - only a select few within the 1%. [click Conspiracy button.]

Here goes a renaissance structual banking plan [ if none better can be 'reborn' with other political party 'midwives']:

[a] After sacking those responsible for the banknote manufacturng scandal and employing dishonest officials, our RESERVE BANK [RBA] to be our only Australian bank to create money called credit. [Only about 10% of total money is cash.]

[b] Every resident and business to have a Reserve Bank account with appropriate Tax File and Australian Business Numbers, and into which all legal Australian cash and private bank deposits would be placed over about a 6 month period.

[c] All future money receipts and payments, internal and foreign, to be transferred via our Reserve Bank - to and from people, banks, shops, government departments etc.

[d] All transfers to be made with a bank card issued and numbered by the Reserve Bank.

[e] The Reserve Bank to be audited by the High Court & the ATO.

[f] i Excessive gambling misery and taxpayer costs in dealing with this misery, would be stopped by the issue of a Gambling Bank Card with a spending limit of 5% each year of a person's bank account total. Any gambling payment not passing through the Reserve Bank would be illegal, punishable by a jail sentence. Exploiters of the vulnerable would be furious & taxpayers spared from clearing up the mess.
ii All payments including those for dangerous items like drugs and explosives would be RBA recorded and available for the Justice Departments.

[g] Respecting the above changes, all private banks can continue to exercise all of their other existing powers and services.

SIMPLY - the farce of private bank LICENCE to manufacture/create/ legal counterfeit credit, to be illegal using existing Constitutional law. No bank nationalization - it is neither needed nor desired.

- in accordance with Costigan's anti-corruption recommendation "to follow the money trail", all money transfers to be registered with a Peoples' authority, just like other asset transfers e.g. houses & cars [State Motor Registration Branch]. This policy is detested by white collar crooks [particularly those in 'the big end of town'] and blue collar crooks - kidnappers, counterfeiters [illegal rather than immoral] , purse snatchers, pimps, drug sellers, secret bank depositors, tax evaders, bribing developers and bribed political parties, politicians and police.

- registered real estate agents sell, borrow and lend houses for a fee/commission without controlling house creation and house title transfer. It is high time registered bank agents just sold, borrowed and lent money for a fee /commission, and stopped controlling money CREATION and [expensive] money title TRANSFER'

- under PP policy, bank agents would lend money deposits for clients who have temporally transferred their earned deposits to bank agents; like real estate agents lend houses for clients who have temporally transferred their earned houses to real estate agents.

- money transfers would be generally free, but any charges would benefit the public purse.

- our Reserve Bank with Post Offices and willing private banks acting as service branches.

- all domestic and overseas payments and receipts to go through our our Reserve Bank.

- a 21st Century Reserve Bank computer can win for us the massive credit creation profit, cheaper money transfers, inflation control [Note how banksters profit by expanding the money supply and then tell us how proud they are that the inflation rate was kept within the "acceptable" 2-3% band], white & blue collar crime prevention, a boost to ATO efficiency, safer gambling and proper Bank scrutiny for the People giving us all a new confidence and pride in a world first.

C. The third main way they getmoney is via the DERIVATIVES money grab which is well explained with a given solution plan by the CITIZENS ELECTORAL COUNCIL.